Course Laban Movement Analysis

Course Laban Movement Analysis


The course consists of 10 classes of 2 hours and is meant for everybody who is loves movement and dance, weather occupational as an amateur or a professional. This course is especially meaningful for dancers, actors, physiotherapists, movement therapists, sporters, etc.
The first class is simultaneously a trial and introduction class, the expenses for this trial class are €25,-, but if you inscribe for the course you will get this money back!
The total costs are €250,- per person for 10 classes.

Teacher:                                                                                                                   Joan van der Mast/ CMA

Class time:
Friday evenings 19.00-21.00 h

Course dates:

October 2020:       02, 09, 16, 30
November 2020:  06, 13, 20, 27 
December 2020:  04, 11

Laban Movement Analysis is the only system analyzing movement in all it’s facets, meaning the 4 components:
1. Body, 2. Effort, 3. Space, 4. Shape.
Created by Rudolf Laban, LMA draws on his theories of effort and shape to describe, interprete and document how the human body moves. This makes you understand the human body and is often used as a tool by dancers, actors, athletes, physical and occupational therapists. In this course you will also be introduced in the Bartennieff Fundamentals movement system.

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