Laban Movement Analysis

Course Laban Movement Analysis

In March New Dance Center is starting for the second time with her Laban Movement Analysis
Course, after a great succes last time. Read further to learn more about this system!

Laban Movement Analysis is the only system analyzing movement in all it’s facets, meaning the 4 components:
1. Body, 2. Effort, 3. Space, 4. Shape.
Created by Rudolf Laban, LMA draws on his theories of effort and shape to describe, interprete and document how the human body moves. This makes you understand the human body and is often used as a tool by dancers, actors, athletes, physical and occupational therapists

The course is led in English by Joan van der Mast. Joan van der Mast is a CMA in the field of Laban Movement Analysis and is an international known teacher in this subject. She has decades of experience as a coach, teacher and counseler.
She has been working and teaching among others with Peggy Hackney, Antja Kennedy, Janice Maeden, Ed Groff, Martha Eddy, Alexandra Baybutt, Janet Kaylo, Karen Studd.

During this course you will get insight in & overview over the Laban Movement Analysis system due to lectures and interactive movement assignments.

The course consists of 10 classes of 2 hours and is meant for everybody who is loves movement and dance, weather occupational as an amateur or a professional. This course is especially meaningful for dancers, actors, physiotherapists, movement therapists, sporters, etc.
The first class is simultaneously a trial and introduction class, the expenses for this trial class are €25,-, but if you inscribe for the course you will get this money back!
The total costs are €250,- per person for 10 classes.

Class time:
Monday evenings 20:30 – 22:30 h

Course dates:

Maart: 6, 13, 20, 27
April: 03, 10
Mei: 08, 15, 22, 29

You can subrscribe here for the trial class
Or here for the complete course.



Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is the way and language for interpreting, describing, visualizing and notating all ways of human movement. Created by Rudolf Laban, LMA draws on his theories of Effort and Shape to describe, interprete and document how the human body moves. Used as a tool by dancers, actors, athletes, physical and occupational therapists, it is one of the most widely used systems of human movement analysis. Laban Movement Analysis is an outgrowth of Laban’s theories that comprises four main categories: Body, Effort, Shape and Space.

Laban Movement Analysis/Bartenieff Fundamentals is the integrated study of Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff’s embodiment of his theories. Laban theories are in use in many fields. For professionals in movement (stage performance, sport, movement therapy) may be a tool for clarifying and deepening the quality and expressiveness of movement. In education of dance and its teaching it helps to finding out how a body works in space.

It is also used in dance therapy as a diagnostic tool; dance therapy interventions are often based on movement characteristics of the client.

The Aim

As apparently 80% of communication happens on a non – verbal level it is vital to get to know more about this, for instance how the use of personal space effects social interaction. Participants will have an opportunity to discover how personal habits of movement can help or hold back their actions. Analysing personal movement style is a way of self reflection; becoming more literate in movement will probably have an effect on self confidence and self esteem. Enhanced self awareness may help improve insecurity and shyness in public performance.

The Content

In this workshop the width and depth of Laban Movement Analysis will be explored for personal growth of participants to be a lifelong tool for further individual exploration. The content of the workshop will focus on the use of Body, Space, Shape and Effort and its implications for personal movement patterns, communicative and social skills. In this intensive journey of practice, instruction/demonstration, discussion/reflection and observation participants will work on their own and others’ movement preferences.


Study Material

Reader provided bij Joan van der Mast
Current language will be English (Joan also speaks Dutch, German, French)

The study includes improvisation and short dance and movement phrases in the frame of the following systems
– Laban Movement Analysis
– Laban Based Modern Dance
– Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga en Pilates

Main Activities
– PRACTICE of movement and analysis in groups/dyads
– IMPROVISATION/structured dance in short phrases
– INSTRUCTION offered by the teacher
– DEMONSTRATION presented by participants
– DISCUSSION of daily movement and routines
– REFLECTION upon each other movement
– OBSERVATION of each other and sample video materials

Additional Activities
– gaining knowledge of communication
– learning of human body and mind
– developing creativity through reflection of personal routines
– empowering self confidence through group process work – improving public skills by gaining knowledge and practice in movement