Axis Syllabus studylab 5th of April

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In this studylab we’ll have a close look at the hip joints and the movement it’s hip axis arc indicates. We’ll encounter this intriguing area with some old-school distance by studying anatomy and observing our own design. And we are also diving into it’s movement by swinging and playing with the hips in improvisational tasks and some set material.

You, (with or without dance experience!) are most welcome to join me in this experimental afternoon. For me it’s really important to practice sharing this material as part of my teachers trajectory. To quote Frey Faust: “Experimentation is evolution in action”

Practical info: Where: New Dance Center, Binckhorstlaan 135
When: Saturday the 5th of April, 13-15h
Contribution: donation for the space, suggestion € 5

What is Axis Syllabus?
It’s an approach to understanding and exploring the human body in locomotion, using physics, anatomy and empirical research and practice as departure points. We aim for working with principles found in the nature of things, rather then using a set vocabulary or style of movement. The Axis Syllabus international research community (ASIRC) consists of different kind of movers, dancers, performers, acrobats, physiotherapists and other researchers that practice and exchange knowledge about the moving body, constantly up-dating it to the scientific research available.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a personal message or email me at
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With warm regards,

Ilse van Haastrecht