26 – 29 April Dance Days in Den Haag

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New Dance Center
Binckhorstlaan 135 – MOOOF Gebouw


Theater De Nieuwe Regentes
Weimarstraat 63

Den Haag
Wednesday 26th of April untill 29th of April 2017
4 workshops

Theater de Nieuwe Regentes and New Dance Center joined forces with MEYER-CHAFFAUD / Korzo so you can enjoy a week full of dance!
New Dance Center and Theater De Nieuwe Regentes are hosting 9 Contemporary Dance Theater from China. 9CDT has her very first tour to Europe, it is as well one of the first time a Chinese contemporary dance company is coming to Holland.
In this same weekend MEYER-CHAFFAUD will be coming back to their hometown The Hague to close off their Dutch tour of SOUL #1 Audience. Their premiere during the CaDance festival was very enthusiastically received, so do not miss this opportunity!
What better reason then these performances is there to have an exchange of knowledge, learn ànd enjoy two great modern dance performances from China and The Netherlands! Both companies will teach several workshops that will be suitable to different levels of dancers. A Dance Week with a large variety on dance and cultures, a week full of experiences for both the body and the eye!

Tickets for the performances and workshops can be bought separately, but make sure to look out for some pretty nice packagedeals as well and enjoy all that’s going on these days! More detailed info on that will follow soon.

Tickets for the workshops:
Combination 2 Workshops: € 30,-
Only 9CDT, Chaoke: € 17,50
Tickets for performances and workshops on saturday are being sold by De Nieuwe Regentes, check here for the prices and special combo deals!


Wednesday April 26th : East-West Dance Meet-up; Workshopday
2 Workshops, 20 advanced dancers max per workshop:
14:30-16:00h MEYER-CHAFFAUD, Isabelle Chaffaud and Jerôme Meyer. Advanced
16:30-18:00h 9CDT, Chaoke, Advanced

Friday April 28th: Performance R.E.M. by 9CDT in Theater De Nieuwe Regentes

Saturday April 29th
2 Workshops, open for all people, followed by the performance Soul #1 by MEYER-CHAFFAUD
14:30 – 15:45 workshop MEYER-CHAFFAUD, all levels
16:15 – 17:30 workshop 9CDT Risima Risimkin, all levels

New Dance Tip
Get the full experience and go to the performance of MEYER-CHAFFAUD.
20:15 Performance Soul #1 by MEYER-CHAFFAUD at Theater De Nieuwe Regentes


Workshops with Isabelle Chaffaud and Jerôme Meyer
Choreographic duo MEYER-CHAFFAUD celebrates their 15 years of collaboration with Korzo in their new performance Soul #1 Audience. The duo is famous for their curiosity and their social involvements and they often think outside the box. Contemporary dance is smoothly alternated with comedy and excerpts from Voltaire. The performers invite you to a playful debate on philosophical ideas and social issues and break the barriers between you and them radically.

Wednesday 26th of April     Intermediate/Advanced
The workshop will be inspired by the physicality typical for MEYER-CHAFFAUD. The language of MEYER-CHAFFAUD is wild and poetic, always very musical and personal.
The workshop will also have elements and philosophies from the performance Soul #1 Audience.
Intermediate/advanced dancers are welcome to attend the workshop.

Saturday 29th of April    Basic/All levels
Experience the full dance week and come closer to the piece Soul #1 and the choreographers. In this workshop you learn about the thoughts behind this performance, you experience how the dancers feel, all this in the theater where almost 6 hours later the choreographers are going to perform Soul #1. The workshop is given by one of the choreographers itself!

Combine this workshop with the other workshop on saturday and the performances on friday and saturday to have a full dance weekend!

Workshops from 9CDT

Wednesday 26th of April     Intermediate/Advanced 
Artistic Director and his assistant Li Zhan will teach you about the release technique, this is a movement practice that focuses on breathing, skeletal alignment, joint articulation, muscle relaxation, and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate efficient movement.

The workshop will start with a floor warm up, then the students will practice few combinations in the center space.In workshop the students will find the awareness of the body: include the sensations to connect the whole body, researching the motion trails of joints, separating the muscles from the bones during the physical movements, sensing how does the gravity effect the weight of our limes and torso, and utilize the weight and gravity to make transitions and motions in our physical movements. The students will explore themselves by experiencing the process, which starts by internal investigation and ends up with external physical challenges

Saturday 29th of April    Basic/All levels
Connected to the performance on friday, choreographer Risima Risimkin will invite you to get to know all the thoughts behind R.E.M. You will experience the performance and will be able to embody what you have seen the night before, after this experience you will feel very close to the Chinese Contemporary Dance Culture.

The workshop is based on connection between movement, physical & mental experience of the participants. We will explore how to express your dreams and personality trough movement in to different circumstances and space. Basic introduction to the relation of Body, Space & Mind.

Combine this workshop with the other workshop on saturday and the performances on friday and saturday to have a full dance weekend!